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 Trainer Points Information.

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PostSubject: Trainer Points Information.   Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:42 am

Okay for people sitting their thinking what Trainer Points im going to explain it here. Trainer Points are points you get for Posting and making topics. Trainer Points are used to Exchange for Money basically. They will also be used to enter Events.

In order to maintain how much Trainer Points you have you must create a thread with your name and post it there. Each time you want to exchange for money or enter events you must post it in their. Then you must wait for an staff to approve it. If a staff has not checked your topic within 24 hours then post a request thread and to do that click the seek roleplay button on the right of the screen. Here are the rules to them.

1.If you do not have a Thread you can't enter events or exchange for money.
2.You can not buy Trainer Points.
3.Be honest with Trainer points.
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Trainer Points Information.
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